Robert is a highly skilled Systems Architect with a background in both Systems Support and in Systems Programming. For over eight years, he has developed comprehensive knowledge of Information Technology operations. He is intimately familiar with the standard tools used to administer large networks. At the same time, he has developed extensive experience with planning, purchasing, and deploying large LAN and WAN intra nets. He has worked with and supported routers, switches, firewalls and other typical networking equipment. He has been intimately involved in several LAN deployments from beginning to end.

Robert has installed, supported and maintained email servers, web servers, Relational Data Base servers. He has planned, purchased, and then deployed numerous computing systems based on many types of hardware. He is deeply committed to understanding and using Free and Open Source Software to answer common IT challenges without over spending small budgets.

Robert has been the lead software engineer for projects ranging from developing a web based RMA system to applications for daily maintenance of networked systems. His software development experience emphasizes web based applications but he has programmed on most of the major platforms in wide use. He has extensive experience with such programming languages as Perl, C/C++, Javascript, Java and Visual Basic.

After seven years working as Systems Administrator with various companies, Robert launched In Reach Technology in January of 2003. In Reach Technology is a consulting firm specializing in assisting small organizations with development of their IT infrastructure. He is firmly convinced that the benefits of technology should be available to all organizations, no matter their size.