In Reach Technology specializes in helping you design, build, and maintain computing systems that are focused on your business. Every business has basic needs for reliable networks, efficient storage, and usable, dependable applications. Each company is unique, though, with special requirements that "one-size-fits-all" software and hardware won't necessarily address. Our expertise can help a business optimize their computing systems to satisfy their specific needs and enhance their productivity.

  1. We work for you: In Reach Technology does not sell hardware or software. We help you build a system that uses these things to achieve your goals. We offer over ten years experience working with Information Technology to help you choose the solution that best fits your needs and budget.
  2. In Reach Technology leaves you in charge: We will offer you the best technology choices available for your business and then make sure you continue to determine your choices in the future. We prefer solutions that don't force you to upgrade all your computing systems to implement one new technology. We implement technology that is secure from the start, scalable as your business grows and changes, and that has a clear future.
  3. Your freedom of choice should be preserved: You should have the right to choose whatever software, hardware, and network that makes your business work best. We work with you to carefully build systems that don't lock you in with one vendor, that offer you room to grow in the future without committing you to huge expenses when you do.

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In Reach Technology is ready to serve you and your business. We would like to support you as you adopt and use the exciting new technology that is available to give your organization the productive edge you need.

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